After-sales service

About repair:

Any Golden Eagle products if there is a problem, you can call the company customer service 400-870-1882 consultation, see if it is caused by improper operation problems. If the problem can not be solved, you can send the product to the following address:

Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, Feng South Road No. 199 Golden Eagle photographic equipment maintenance department received, 315400

And in the repair products, contact information and equipment failure. (It is strongly recommended to put the customer's business card in order to contact)

common problem:
1. Who will bear the cost of maintenance?

Golden Eagle photography lamp most parts are lifetime warranty, except for consumables (flash tube, capacitor, etc.) warranty for one year. If it is outside the warranty period, the company will charge the appropriate maintenance costs.

2. How long does it take to maintain the product?

We will inspect the product the first time we receive the repair product, and then inform the customer of the appropriate issue and the cost, and obtain the customer's permission to repair the product. Under normal circumstances, it takes 2-3 days. (Express delivery time excluding)

3. My product is purchased through the local Golden Eagle store, can not go directly to the store for repair?


4. My product has been purchased for decades, and now the product is offline, but also to repair it?

Yes. As long as it is a genuine Golden Eagle photography lamp, can be repaired.

5. On the cost of maintenance, the need to pay by what means?

Can be bank transfer, Lynx flagship store payment, Alipay transfer and so on. (Any way customers find it convenient)

6. Flash lamp broken, you can ask the company to buy the lamp, and then install it yourself?

Yes, but the company is not responsible for any problems that arise during the replacement.

7. My device has not responded for a long time, what happened?

Customers because they did not put their business card in the product, resulting in maintenance department customer service can not contact the customer, please call the company customer service 400-870-1882 get in touch as soon as possible.
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